Will you remain silent in the face of evil?

I recently read about the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart and the horror she endured that was made worse by pornography.  The devil would like nothing more than for us to remain silent and do nothing.  I can no longer remain silent.  Pornography played a part in hurting someone I love recently.  Besides the obvious victims, those in the actual pornography, I wonder how many more victims there are like Elizabeth.  What can I do?  I am not sure.  I will not remain silent anymore, however.  I think we can change the world by raising children to respect the moral laws of God. How can we do this?  My good friend and mentor, Leila Miller, just wrote a book that can help.  I can’t wait to order and read it.  Kindle pre-orders available now.  Paperback available to order Saturday August 27th.  Click on the picture below.


2 thoughts on “Will you remain silent in the face of evil?”

  1. Hi Cindy,
    Great post! It’s time to take the world back for God. I hope all parents read Leila’s book and take it to heart. I ordered my copy and will spread the word about it at my parish!

    1. Thank you for the encouraging words! I hope all parents read it too! Let us go out and make disciples of all nations!

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