Caterpillar (My Conversion Story Part 1)

Also part Two and part Three

I was born and raised Mormon. Well, I was born into a Mormon family anyway. I do remember practicing the religion. My family was even “sealed in the temple.” But my parents got divorced when I was in 3rd grade and things changed. The four youngest kids soon after went to live with my dad. I imagine a man raising children alone is quite difficult. We were VERY different from other families, even the divorced ones. We went to the Mormon church once after moving in with dad and we did not feel accepted. Even though I never went back I did not stop identifying myself as Mormon.

(I believed because I was told to believe)

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Cocoon (My Conversion Story Part 2)

Also Part One and Part Three

Soon I began to struggle with sin.  I was unhappy again, big surprise.  I began to want things that I knew were wrong and sinful.  I started to question why many things were considered sin.  I thought, “God is pretty strict.”  I wondered “how am I hurting anyone with my sins?”  So many questions and statement like this were running through my head.  I began to believe contradicting ideas.  I was living in torment, all in my head.  I knew with my reason that God is right and I was wrong but I was stuck.  I also began to not like my husband very much.  I thought He needed to change.  I thought everyone should change so I could be happy.  Then Fr. Muir came to St. Rose and I saw in him something I have always longed for, Joy!  He radiated pure Joy and Love.  I wanted what he had.

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Butterfly (My Conversion Story Part 3)

Also Part One and Part Two

Something extraordinary happened!  I began to hear Jesus.  He started answering my prayers.  He started guiding me and giving me things to do. My prayers were real now and not empty.  I was getting to know Jesus. Now I realize God was always there and always speaking to me but I had gotten really good at tuning him out.  It’s like when I worked in Labor and Delivery, there were crying babies all the time.  I learned to tune them out. I think we do this with each other too!  Then God told me I needed to go to daily Mass more often.  I must have gone to Mass over 40 straight days in a row after that!  Twice on Wednesdays and Sundays!  Soon I was so full of Love and Joy I felt I would burst.  WOW!

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